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Apple updates iPhone 12 in France after radiation report

Apple updates iPhone 12 in France after radiation report

Apple’s 2020 iPhone 12 was recently singled out in a French peer review of the Radiation Protection Authority for higher radiation levels allowed within the European Union. Apple has now promised to fix the issue with a software update, but only in France.

Radiation levels from the iPhone 12 were 5.74 watts per kilogram in tests by the French National Frequency Agency, slightly above the permissible limit of 4 watts per kilogram. After the tests, Apple was given two weeks to fix the problems or recall all devices in France.

This call made Apple act quickly, but it did not announce when the update for the iPhone 12 would be released in the country. Since it is a minor update, it is not expected to be long before it is released. Once the update is released, ANFR will undergo further radiation tests to ensure that radiation levels are acceptable and iPhone 12 sales resume.

After ANFR highlighted the iPhone 12 problem, interest was raised in examining the phone in several other countries. Germany is considering launching similar reviews, while Belgium wants to take a look at the iPhone 12 as well as other Apple mobile phones. Denmark and Italy have shown interest in conducting similar reviews, but have not done anything officially about it yet. When that happens, Apple may have to release an update for the iPhone 12 in these countries as well.