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Apple launches Community+.  For the company's most loyal supporters.

Apple launches Community+. For the company’s most loyal supporters.

Apple is now launching something called “Community+,” a kind of membership club for Apple users who are considered to have made significant contributions to Apple’s various support forums. Apple writes about Community +:

“In the Apple Support Community, we recognize a time when a member’s positive attitude, experience, and curiosity to explore new solutions can make a huge impact in our community. That’s why we created the global Apple Community+ Program to honor and celebrate these members!”

Apple will select and invite forum users that are rewarded for their contributions to the Apple Support Forum. Apple writes that it’s about a small number of people who will be invited to Community + each year but doesn’t say how many people there might be.

Apple users who are invited to Community + can expect to receive different types of benefits, but it is not mentioned what those benefits are specifically. Microsoft has owned the Member Club similar to Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for more than 20 years. Today, more than 4,000 members have been shown their trips to Microsoft events, free programs, and free Microsoft software training. It remains to be seen if Apple has a similar plan to Community+.

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