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Apple is working on a Homepod and Apple TV hybrid

Apple is working on a Homepod and Apple TV hybrid

Rumors have long circulated that Apple is planning to release a smart display or a combination of Apple TV and Homepod. Some information has claimed that it will be a speaker with Apple TV built in, others that it is leaning towards a Homepod with Apple TV functionality built in and also a built-in iPad-like display.

Developer Nicholas Alvarez has found and Macromore I have confirmed a code in Apple that reveals that the company now appears to be on the verge of taking tough action on the issue. The code points to a new product with the name HomeAppendix 17.1It's a product designation not used in any current product family, but is similar to the Homepod designation. Audio plugin.

The model number being 17.1 indicates that it is equipped with the upcoming A18 chip, as this year's new iPhone models also have model numbers starting with 17. Products with the A17 chip have model numbers starting with 16 and devices equipped with the A16 have numbers starting with 17.1 (No one knows why Apple didn't organize it so that, for example, the iPhone 16 has the A16 chip and the model number starts with 16).

Apple’s code snippets show the new product runs a different version of the TV operating system, which is what the Homepod does. Macrumors previously found signs that Apple is developing a new iOS-based system called Home OS.

In addition to the brand new product, the Apple icon also points to two non-existent Apple TV models with product designations. Apple TV 14.4 And Apple TV 14.5There were previously rumors of new Apple TV models coming in the fall.

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