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Apple introduces new assistive technology features

Apple introduces new assistive technology features

Apple has launched a number of new assistive technology features that are expected to be rolled out on the company’s devices later this year. One of these functions is the so-called door detection, which is intended to help people with low vision to manipulate doors more easily. With the help of the camera and Lidar, the function can not only tell you how far the door is but also tell if it is open or closed, how it can be opened if it is closed (eg if it is a handle, a door handle or by pressing on it) and also if there is a text On the door and what to say in this case. The functionality will be part of the Magnifier app built into Ipad and Iphone.

One of the tools that attracts a larger group of users is the ability to mirror their Apple Watch screen on their iPhone.

It will also offer real-time transcription on your phone, iPad, and Mac, over FaceTime calls and content from other apps. The feature will initially only be available in English, and Apple hasn’t said anything about it or when it will be introduced in more languages.

Other features that will appear are the ability to set how long Siri will wait to receive a response to make it easier for people with speech difficulties, and the ability to select sounds to be able to notify the user if, for example, a doorbell rings or household products try to draw attention to facilitate It’s for the hard of hearing.

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