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Apple appeals for a "dazzling victory" against the gaming giant

Apple appeals for a “dazzling victory” against the gaming giant

The background to the dispute is that Apple released Epic “Fortnite” from its platform after the game developer cheated on the App Store payment model, where Apple is estimated to take 30 percent of the profits.

Epic took it all to court and there, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled in Apple’s favor with nine of the 10 points that Epic bothered about. But perhaps Epic is right on the most important point. Apple, according to Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, has no right to prevent app developers from encouraging users to circumvent payments in the App Store in favor of their own choices. Something that would likely mean a major financial loss for the tech giant.

Epic has already opted to appeal the ruling, but it is not yet clear how Apple will act. So that the company has named The first result for “A landslide victory”.

Now the tone seems to have changed. According to the technology website the edge Apple has begun the process of appealing the ruling. In the legal documents submitted for the appeal, Apple, among other things, points to the fact that allowing external payment methods in the App Store means that Apple cannot guarantee that users are not sent to malicious sites via links that can easily be changed by unscrupulous actors.

It is unclear if, or when, the appeal will be accepted and heard by the court.