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Apex Legends is now released for mobile.  Check out some gameplay of this.

Apex Legends is now released for mobile. Check out some gameplay of this.

EA is now releasing the mobile version of the battle royale game Apex Legends For everyone after the game was released in beta in a number of countries since February.

Apex Legends Mobile It is a standalone version of the game released for iOS and Android. This means that there are no chances to cross with those who play the regular version of Apex Legends.

Here above you will find some ways to play from the mobile version of Apex Legends. The game can be downloaded for free iOS in the App Store here and for Android on Google Play here.

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Apex is on its way to mobiles

Maybe it wasn’t unexpected at all

Apex Legends Battle Royale mobile game will be released later this year. Already this spring, beta testing will be rolling out in India and the Philippines for people using Android there. The mobile version will easily be called Apex Legends Mobile and Respawn promises that the game is perfectly adapted to mobile phones with an emphasis on touchscreen controls. Just like the regular Apex Legends, Apex Legends Mobile will also be free to play, but the two different versions will not be able to play against/with each other.

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Apex Legends will be released for mobile next week

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EA’s Battle Royale mobile game is coming to everyone soon

Next week, EA will release the mobile version of the battle royale game Apex Legends and here you can check out a new trailer for it. EA released a beta version of Apex Legends Mobile a year ago which has been available to players in different regions for the past year. May 17, it’s time for a sharp release of the game and then everyone who wants to be able to download the game on iOS and Android. Apex Legends Mobile will be free to play. The regular edition of Apex Legends is now ready for its thirteenth season with new champion Newcastle released earlier this week. However, the mobile version of the game will follow its own seasonal system and will launch in the first season when it is released next week. Below is an additional trailer for the latest Newcastle with the help of Apex Legends which was revealed last week.

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Apex Legends Mobile is released in more countries

but not in sweden

Apex Legends is on its way to phones, but before the sharp release it’s a good idea to get it properly tested. It has been tested, and has been conducted in two markets, but now the test is expanding to ten new countries and relates to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Colombia. Unfortunately, not Sweden this time. The mobile version being tested offers a variety of gameplay where we can get access to a handful of heroes that were available when the game was released, i.e. Bangalore, Life Line, Bloodhound and the gang. Players on mobile devices can play by themselves and will not be thrown into servers with console or PC players.

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