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Another developer of Fallout: The London Mod Hired by Bethesda

Another developer of Fallout: The London Mod Hired by Bethesda

Another employee turned down a job offer.

Colossal and promising courage Fallout: London It’s been in development for several years, which isn’t surprising considering it’s an entertainment project and also the same size as a major expansion. Even Bethesda itself is clearly in control of the mod, as it did last year Works Its lead author, Stephanie Zacharias.

Now another person has disappeared from the project to instead start work for Bethesda, Ryan Johnson, who served as the lead technical advisor. The official wrote in a message on Twitter Fallout: LondonThe reckoning that it would be bittersweet to see Johnson go to Bethesda, where he will design the track. They say his professionalism and dedication will be truly missed, but they are really looking forward to seeing the worlds he can create at Bethesda.

They also write that another team member, project manager Dean Carter, was offered a position at Double11 – a branch of Bethesda in the UK – but decided to say no and continue working with him. Fallout: London.

Fallout: London It’s coming out sometime next year, and you’ll find the latest trailer over here.

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