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Anna Anderson About shows a sad view of relationships

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old mom sitting Alone too much? No problem, you can now pay to visit someone else and then report how your mom feels.

Via the service, you can easily click a student at home with one elderly person who can go out for a walk, play cards or just talk a little. Can you make square deductions for this? You can jump and sit on it. It can also be given as employee benefits, so your employees can work more.

This looks like A synopsis of a dark but true comedy. On the website some well-known influencers testify about how good the service they think is, but despite that, I am depressed by the whole setup. Is it because I don’t think the isolation of the elderly is a problem? no.

Is it because I am a treacherous feminist and hate young female entrepreneurs? no.

Is it because I don’t like community development where payment services replace those who can afford more and more of what was previously part of the general welfare (ie a working home service). Yes, in part.

But most of it probably has to do with a sad outlook on relationships when you think you can replace lack of time to spend money. The target group for this service is not those sitting alone but their relatives, who believe in this way that they can regulate their guilt (if I were somewhere I would have thrown the stent once). Has anyone said “relationship commodification”?

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Involuntary unit is Nothing to joke about, it can make us sick of body and soul. One can debate to what extent it is a matter of politics, whether, like Britain and Japan, one should appoint ministers who feel lonely. Personally, I doubt what such a person can achieve – if you want to see political action (i.e. money, not just words), you can, for example, expand the service of home care and other hospice care, an area of ​​\u200b\u200bpolitics that already exists entirely.

Or you can invest more in civil society, which already covers this limit when the public sector (and relatives) is not enough. The Church of Sweden, for example, is spread across the country and has social activities for individuals of all ages. There are also non-profit organizations, such as the Red Cross and Elderly Contact, that do active work to reduce people’s loneliness. You may not deduct it from tax, but on the other hand it is actually free.


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