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And the Sheikh ordered to eavesdrop on the Princess of Jordan, Haya

And the Sheikh ordered to eavesdrop on the Princess of Jordan, Haya

In April 2019, Jordanian Princess Haya fled with her two children to Britain from Dubai, where it is ruled by her ex-husband, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

According to the BBC, the princess was afraid to divorce her daughter and feared for her life on the run. Since then, the sheikh has called and threatened her.

“You and your children will never be safe in England. I lived, I did!” he must have told the princess when he found out where she was.

In connection with the escape, a custody dispute arose over the spouses, Jalila, 11, and Zayed, 7.

Eavesdropping Required Using “Spyware”

Sheikh has now been convicted of an order to object his ex-wife, her lawyers Fiona Shackleton, Nick Manners and other employees during a custody dispute and divorce proceedings at the High Court in London.

The High Court wrote, among other things, that the sheikh had interfered with court proceedings and a series of “violations of British national criminal law”.

Sheikh Mohammed does not want to feel any penetration and deny.

The equipment that should have been used was the advanced NSO Pegasus software, also known as “spyware”. With the program, you can – in addition to eavesdropping – track the phone’s location, read messages, take pictures, take screenshots, and access passwords. The user does not notice anything.

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