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Analysis: Will Prince Charles be the first climate king?

Analysis: Will Prince Charles be the first climate king?

It is a well-known fact that Prince Charles speaks to his factories. He has an almost philosophical view of nature, which he spells with a capital N, which he describes as female. He’s been out early with OA and runs his modified Aston Martin with wine and cheese.

At the start of his long-term commitment, Prince Charles earned a reputation for being a New Age prankster, and environmental puppet. Today, when much of what he was already doing in the ’70s and ’80s was everyday food, there’s another sound in the bark. In short: Prince Charles takes revenge!

The opinion leader’s role cannot be overestimated

In his opening speech at COP26, the future king emphasized that the climate crisis is acute and time is running out.

“World leaders should launch an army-like campaign to mobilize the business world in the fight against climate change,” Prince Charles said.

The British royal family has no real political influence, but the role of the members as opinion leaders cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, it is important what Prince Charles and the other royals have to say about climate change.

During COP26, US President Joe Biden made a place in his busy schedule for a one-on-one meeting with Prince Charles. This says a lot about the importance of the heir to the throne. Biden is said to have told Prince Charles that he launched it all and that’s how it all began.

When British General Alok Sharma was asked if world leaders cared at all what the royals in question had to say, the answer was:

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– Absolutely! Alok Sharma said: When royals talk, people listen.


But at the same time, many Britons question the royal family’s commitment to the environment and climate, and criticism is sometimes harsh. Prior to COP26, there was one word that was repeated over and over in the headlines: Hypocrisy!

The criticism revolves mainly around the royal family’s travels. Between 2018 and 2019, business travel carbon dioxide emissions doubled, from 1,687 tons to 3,344 tons. Prince Charles and Camilla were responsible for most of the flights.

Climate organizations are also calling for more concrete action on the property of the royal family. The royal family is the largest landowner in the UK, but in Scotland, for example, large portions of the land is used only for hunting. Here, climate activists want the royals to devour more of their possessions, that is, to allow nature to take over. Plus, Prince Charles is at least being urged to plant more trees.

Charles takes a big step forward

In his defence, Prince Charles claimed that travel was necessary and that many jobs were assigned purely by the British government. It is also believed that private flights are required due to the safety aspect.

– I can’t do everything myself! Prince Charles told the BBC ahead of the COP26 conference on carbon dioxide emissions.

Now that Queen Elizabeth is increasingly invisible to the public and rumors circulate about her health, Prince Charles is taking a huge step forward in the spotlight. There is no doubt that it is gaining more and more credit in the environmental and climatic contexts.

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The question is what happens when Prince Charles becomes king. Will he be the first green king? There are many indications of that.

Find out more about the British royal family’s commitment to the climate at Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Klimatagalen Tonight from 19.30 on SVT Play and 21.45 on SVT2.