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Analysis: Voting on Cheney’s Future Proves Trump’s Impact on Republicans

Analysis: Voting on Cheney’s Future Proves Trump’s Impact on Republicans

During the Supreme Court indictment against Donald Trump, Liz Cheney was one of ten Republicans to vote to oust their fellow party. The decision attracted great attention, and when Cheney also continued to claim that there was no electoral fraud, which settled the election in Joe Biden, the matter exploded into a full-blown battle within the party.

Rally around Trump

The response came from Donald Trump some time ago when he described Cheney as “… a temperamental politician with no support in his home state of Wyoming.” The party’s top politician soon followed and after only a few days her support appeared to have eroded.

On Trump’s advice, Elise Stephanic is now highlighted as Cheney’s opposition to the position as the third most influential politician in the party. This is despite the fact that Stefanic, who represents New York, voted against Donald Trump in Congress when some of his most important political reforms became a reality. For example, Stefanic voted not to approve of the sweeping tax cuts imposed by Donald Trump, but he is still considered the best candidate for the job.

Cheney impeached

For now, Liz Cheney appears to be an isolated and lonely party in the Republican Party. Some say she may be on the verge of building a new party line – challenging Donald Trump, but polls show she has lost so much support that Cheney may lose her seat in the House of Representatives in the upcoming midterm elections.

Oddly enough, Liz Cheney has a very conservative stance and has long been one of the most popular conservative politicians within the party. She is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, but is now considered unfaithful and described as threatening, without contacting the will of Republican voters.

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The party is “betting” on Trump

Donald Trump may be shutting down on social media, but his voice remains easy and the vote on Liz Cheney’s future is the ultimate proof of Donald Trump’s continued influence on the party.

It is unique that the president who just lost the election continues to set the direction of his party. The fate of Liz Cheney also shows what the consequences will be for high-ranking politicians who turn against Trump. There is a fear that this choice of path might further intimidate the group of voters who played a crucial role in the elections: suburban women.

But the conservative upper class did their analysis: The midterm elections can only be won with Donald Trump as the campaign vehicle.