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Analysis: 'U.S. Bidens is far from recovery after Trump'

Analysis: ‘U.S. Bidens is far from recovery after Trump’

Nothing was more important to Joe Biden than fighting the pandemic. The flag is once again put at the center, and beyond Trump’s vociferous approach, trust will be built around a massive vaccination campaign. The United States has been nearly the world’s fastest to roll out vaccines, and Biden confidently promised that on National Day, July 4, 70 percent of all adults will be vaccinated with at least one dose. But it took much longer than that.

During his first term, he, like Donald Trump, made the pandemic and vaccinations a highly politically charged issue, increasing opposition and thus making large groups distance themselves more from protecting themselves.

You must create security

During the dramatic election campaign, Joe Biden’s strategy was clear. Run for office, not Donald Trump. Instead, he will pursue a predictable policy aimed at creating security and protecting human rights – not only in the United States but also in the rest of the world and, above all, among the country’s allies.

But Biden’s slogan “America is back” is now echoing more and more like Trump’s “America First.” Admittedly, the withdrawal from Afghanistan was carried out for political, not strategic, military reasons. But as the US hastily packed its military vehicles and headed to Kabul airport, the withdrawal was reminiscent of Trump and the volatility of his leadership. Admittedly, the withdrawal was well known, but the time came as a cold flash to Afghanistan’s weak government, and unwarranted military forces, not least to US allies.

The same is true of the suddenly announced military alliance between Washington, London and Sydney, which completely put France to bed and made Europe consider any truly long-term partner for the United States. The countries of the world must take a stand on the new “America First”.

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Immigration policy is similar to Trumps

The misery along the northern border with Mexico affected many presidents. But Joe Biden promised new leadership, a humane immigration policy with opportunities for illegal immigrants to become full citizens. Trump closed borders and wall will be completed. The result was chaos, as immigrants interpreted the new president’s words as being free to move across the border, cross the Rio Grande and start a new life in the West.

Trump has forced migrants to return to huge, undeserved camps across the border. At least the reality of the show has become shaky. We’ve now seen tens of thousands of Haitians camping under the border bridge in Del Rio, Texas, and photos show police officers attacking migrants with horses. In addition, Biden’s proposal to change immigration legislation in Congress was frozen.

Biden’s mood changes

Of course, Biden and Trump are politicians with widely different values ​​and personalities. Politics is no longer governed by Twitter and daily life is more predictable, but the nation is not far from “cured.” The polarization is deepening, and when Joe Biden spoke to the nation to explain the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, he was a frustrated president who felt he had misunderstood what we had heard. Like Trump, Biden has not backed down an inch from his decisions and has blamed most of the failure on others and his representative. Trump’s policy is based on confrontation that has stimulated new groups of voters. Biden is a more rational leader, and his choice of path over the first 10 months has widened the gap within his party.

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To compare to the politician Biden called a “clown” during the first presidential debate tells us a lot about Joe Biden’s precarious situation.

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