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Analysis: Boris "Teflon-Dorin" Johnson has done it again

Analysis: Boris “Teflon-Dorin” Johnson has done it again

The humiliation is as great for Labor leader Khair Stormer as it was for Boris Johnson. This was his chance to turn the ship around and prove that Labor was still there Can Job selection. The election losses, along with those of former party leader Jeremy Corbyn, have disappeared.

Instead, Hartpool sends a Conservative MP to the House of Commons in London for the first time in block history. The Opposition, which means Labor, has always won by-elections in Britain.

Rumor of the crisis crowd

The success of the Tory party in Hartpool was a continuation of the wave of conservatism that swept across England. In the 2019 election, the Tories won a number of seats known as the “Red Wall of Labor,” the traditional working class stronghold in the north of England, where many voted in favor of Brexit.

Had it not been for Nigel Farage and his Brexit party, Hartlbull would have turned blue by 2019. Now that the Brexit party has gone to the grave, those votes seem to have gone to the Conservative Party instead.

Labor leader Khair Stormer has claimed responsibility for the election loss in Hartlbull. But he said his goal was to win the next parliamentary election, so there was no indication that Sir Keer wanted to resign.

There are rumors of future changes in the shadow government of Labor. It is rumored that the party’s left phalanx will hold a crisis meeting and demand a new direction for Labor, but it is not clear where this will lead.

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Not on any man’s land

Whatever happens, Khair Stormer has major concerns. He has been accused of being vague, ignorant and ignorant among voters. What is most critical is that key voters do not feel that Khair Stormer represents their views. He does not speak the same language as them. He lives in a bubble in London where you have no idea (don’t worry) what’s going on in other parts of the country.

Labor is said to be on no man’s land under the command of Khair Stormer. Without direction, without visions. His supporters say today’s Labor Party is a completely different party than the one that lost the 2019 election. They believe it will take time for Jeremy Corbyn to return after the catastrophic election and that voters must be patient.

But after Hartpool, there is a sense that time is not really there, that it is really in a hurry. Because if Khair Stormer can stop the voter flight, he must act now.