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AMD Demonstrates Ray Tracing and Other PC Features of Far Cry 6

AMD Demonstrates Ray Tracing and Other PC Features of Far Cry 6

Beam-tracked reflections are balanced with FSR upgrade technology.

We have already seen some of what is the PC version Far Cry 6 Will be presented in conjunction with being unveiled System requirementsAnd now AMD is joining the chorus with a video of its own, of course focusing on its own hardware and technology.

It promises optimal performance for Ryzen processors and AMD graphics cards, as well as ultra-high-resolution installations and widescreen support. This is complemented by a hybrid solution of ray tracing reflections as well as realistic ray tracing shadows that become more diffuse the further away from the shadow casting objects. This can be compared to “normal” game shadows, which tend to remain very sharp no matter how far they are from the object.

These can all be pretty hardcore desserts, of course, but the game also supports AMD FidelityFX (FSR) upgrade technology, which works with both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. In the trailer we see an example where without FSR you get about 62 fps, but about 89 with that increase. In other words, a fairly significant improvement without much loss of image quality, although of course there is a difference compared to the original resolution.

Far Cry 6 Releases October 7 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 4/5, Amazon Luna, and Stadia.

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