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Amazon Studios wants to produce a TV series of 'Mass Effect' games |  Movie Zen

Amazon Studios wants to produce a TV series of ‘Mass Effect’ games | Movie Zen

Amazon Studios says it is close to concluding a deal to make a luxury TV series based on the Mass Effect games.

Earlier this year, the “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” compilation was released, which offers prettier versions of the first three beloved games in the empathic sci-fi game series.

Perhaps the fact that it was recently re-released means that fans new and old have opened their eyes to games once again, but also production companies who believe the franchise can reach new heights in other formats.

in an article On the deadline site On how satisfied Amazon Studios are with the viewing characters for their luxury TV series “Wheel of Time” on Amazon Prime, they say they’re very keen to dig into their pockets to make a TV series based on Bioware games mass effect.

Nothing has been firmly written yet, but reports say the streaming service is “close to an agreement to develop the series.” At least Jennifer Salk, director of Amazon Studios, is angry.

We continue to invest in all parts of fantasy and science fiction. We have a genre-focused team that works tirelessly with our creative partners with this, and you can look forward to more, she says.

The streaming service will soon release the sixth and final season of “The Expanse,” so it doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable that they’d like to invest in “Mass Effect” as the next big sci-fi series. In addition to “Wheel of Time,” Amazon Prime owns the most expensive TV series ever, “The Lord of the Rings.”

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Who would you like to see the role of Commander Shepherd in “Mass Effect”?