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Amazon destroys millions of unsold items

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Millions of unsold products are destroyed every year in a UK Amazon warehouse. The British company ITV claims, which has published a longer report on the matter. Pictures from inside the warehouse in Dunfermline, Scotland, show many packages bearing the “Destroy” label. ITV says it’s about everything from books to drones and televisions.

Merchandise that has been damaged is either not sold or returned by customers or has been damaged. ITV has followed trucks away from produce, noting that some end up in recycling facilities while others end up in waste piles.

“There is no reason or rhyme when it comes to what is destroyed,” a former Amazon employee told ITV, which states that everything from mouthguards to vacuum cleaners, computers and tablets should be destroyed.

Amazon tells ITV that it is working towards not having to throw out any products at all, and denies that products end up in UK waste heaps. According to Amazon, these are recycling centers.

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