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(Almost) everyone is playing Starfield this weekend – what are you playing?

(Almost) everyone is playing Starfield this weekend – what are you playing?

The FZ editorial team never changes.

Frederick is currently sitting and playing cards starfield before review. What do you think he will play this weekend..? Yes, there are quite a few others that do that too, but some are playing other things. For example, new Forza!

And you, what do your plans for the weekend look like? Tell us what you’re playing this weekend in the comments!

Todd Frederick Erickson
He will live and breathe starfield (Now how do you breathe in space?).

Thomas “Not Todd” Helenius
I’m trying not to get chased, but… NEW FORZA Motorsports!!! Preview on the 11th.

Todd Valentine Lundin
The Elder Scrolls from Starout Fallfield. Todd, Todd never change?

Robin “Nor Todd” Anderson
Button presses should be timed here Sea of ​​stars To deal and deal as much damage as possible.

Todd Johnny Mirren
starfield. naturally starfield. I’m going to Starfield so often that this is in my throat. starfield.

Johan “Johan Olander” Olander
Long train ride to Dalhalla and Orchestra Kite. It only means one thing – Baldur’s Gate 3!

Mike “08” Strianos
While you spend the weekend riding the train back and forth to D.C. for a concert, it’s all played on mobile devices in the form of different Cave bullets.

Todd Johan Lorentzon
Peer pressure says starfield Although I want to continue Baldur’s Gate 3.

Almost Todd Jonas Wagström
I will also be in outer space, but I will be settling on a planet. you will become Armored Basic 6: Rubicon Fire All the way!

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Todd Daniel Sjoholm
I snuck out at five this morning to play for an hour starfield before the family wakes up? Yes, I did! Did you even get past the character creation process? no I did not! Come starfield to make me give up Baldur’s Gate 3? It remains to be seen!

Lage Joel Olson Svanveldt
Just in time for everyone(?) to move in starfield I thought I’d jump Baldur’s Gate 3. It remains to be seen if there will be any sleep between now and Monday morning…

Todd Joachim Kellman
Work gets in the way, but if I have time, a little bit starfield or Shadow maneuver. under the waves Looks interesting too, if I have time to swim in that end of the Sea of ​​Games.