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Going on tour for the first time in 19 years …

– Yes exactly, we make an ‘explosion’ at last. This should be the last. Getting five middle-aged people on a tour together is not so easy. But releasing a song from time to time is not entirely impossible. After all, it’s nice to be together at this time. We have known each other in the band for almost 40 years. These are my childhood friends, this is my family. The tour is like going on a short school trip again. Everything is so ridiculous. This can be summed up in one word: life. What is life? Very different, says Bar Victon on the phone.

What will it be like to play again?

– It feels disgusting. There is a lot to do. It’s like putting on a parachute, so let’s see if the parachute spreads. And I don’t know how to behave on stage, I usually go on stage and keep going. Unless I want to break some bones, I’m not going to do it now. The audience doesn’t even know it. They too have aged.

Why became the Tour only now?

– I was looking at the “girl in red” with my daughter. After three songs I started laughing and it was so awesome that several hundred teenage girls sang along to each sloka. Somewhere I rediscovered my love for indie pop. I’m tired. Wannadies, my voice, was exhausted by other indie pop bands. But thanks to this, it came back.

Pär Wiksten continues:

– “Oh, Cure has come up with a new record. Fan awesome!” I have 14 The Cure posts, that’s enough. I’m full, they ‘re good, but … of all the artists, I’m always a little tired of releasing new recordings.

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The Wannadies tour makes its first stop in Umeå on April 8.

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