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AI Elevates HubSpot’s Customer Care Service with Sales Support

AI Elevates HubSpot’s Customer Care Service with Sales Support

HubSpot customer care users will be assisted by AI in the future. This means an increased focus on support in the platform when it comes to sales.

In connection with the HubSpot Inbound 2023 conference Which will be held from September 5 to 8 in Boston, many news are presented, partly for the sales center, and partly for the company’s platform as a whole.

Faster and better creativity

HubSpot AI that is available in all of the company’s cloud services Means better opportunities for all teams working with customer contacts. Among the functions available with HubSpot AI are:

  • Digital assistants using generative artificial intelligenceLike ChatGPT, it provides faster and better production of content, messages, and reports. For example, they can facilitate the creation of information on web pages, blog posts, images, in short all kinds of creative tasks.
  • Digital agents that enable automation Communication via chat and email. Dealers will be available in early 2024.
  • AI support for predictive analytics.
  • ChatSpot uses a variety of data sources. Except for your HubSpot, to facilitate communication. The service is currently in beta testing.

to increase sales

In connection with the HubSpot conference is also filed A number of improvements to the Sales Hub cloud service. Here are the most interesting:

  • standardization of activities And data for working with potential customers.
  • Advanced management and reporting on leads.
  • AI based management and reporting on negotiations during ongoing works
  • Smooth scheduling and delivery activities. This means that potential clients get the easiest possible contact with the company, with seamless handovers between different employees
  • Tighter integration with LinkedIn.
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The above news Should provide an improved opportunity to take advantage of recent technological developments for sales and customer communications in general.

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