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Aggressive predatory marten approaches Malaren

Aggressive predatory marten approaches Malaren

Aggressive marauding merle begins to set foot in Swedish waters. This spring, large predatory marten were found in Vättern and now small predatory marten have been found in several lakes in southern Stockholm – and the risk of crustacean spread to Lake Mälaren is high.

Lesser and more predatory martens are counted as high risk class in Sweden’s risk classification of invasive alien species. Crustaceans are small but aggressive and kill more prey than they eat. They can quickly outcompete native species such as the marl crab.

The little marten was found earlier this year in Tullingesjön, south of Stockholm, and has now been found in Albisjön, near Mälaren.

Marlin originally comes from the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and has spread to many European countries. For example, in Poland, Germany and Great Britain, it has established itself and outnumbered many native species. Dagens Nyheter writes that the loot marks just discovered have been sent to Poland for analysis. There, the lab can determine whether it spread here from the east or the west.

It is not possible to remove it and the lakes where it is found must be drained. Instead, district administrations are urging everyone who has bathed or fished in the predatory Morton Lakes to clean their swimwear, bath toys, fishing equipment and boats.

– Unfortunately, it will only be a matter of time before it spreads to Lake Mälaren, says Joachim Panzar, environmental analyst at the Stockholm County Executive Committee. Today’s news.

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