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Activision wins copyright dispute against a WWE wrestler

Activision wins copyright dispute against a WWE wrestler

The jury did not consider the messenger character CoD to be a copy of GI Bro.

In February 2019 Wrote Wrestling superstar Booker T. Hoffman sued Activision for believing the character of Prohfit existed. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 It was a version of his character GI Bro. In the comments to the original article, many saw great similarities and thought the whole thing would be a clear win for Hoffmann, but now the verdict is down, and it’s not in Hoffman’s favour.

In the legal process, Huffman’s representatives have focused on a poster depicting GI Bro, and they believe Activision has drawn much inspiration from it. They also claimed that the character’s facial expressions and posture are unique, but Activision contraindicated That you cannot copyright an expression or position.

The company also indicated that the character in the said poster actually depicts Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson from the neck down. Activision further wrote that Hoffman could not show any evidence that he had suffered a loss or that Activision had obtained anything from the alleged copyright infringement.

Another argument from Activision is that Huffman gave WWE all rights to GI Bro. According to Hoffman himself, it is only about wrestling, and he will still have the rights to the character as a comic book character.

But in the end the jury gave Activision the right, and in another statement Athlete The company says they are satisfied with the result and that Hoffman’s mood was “at least not serious”.