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A stray beluga whale was seen in the Seine

A stray beluga whale was seen in the Seine

Beluga whales usually live in Arctic waters, but this individual reached Hues in the Seine, about 70 kilometers from the French capital.

Both emergency services and biologists are on site to assist and monitor the whales. According to local authorities, there are concerns about her condition as the mammal appears to be “underweight” and “skin changes”.

Thus, the whales, first seen on Tuesday, left the English Channel and swam up to the Seine near Vernon. Authorities in Normandy have urged the public to stay away from them so as not to put pressure on the beluga whales. The plan is to try to keep the animal in lock and then guide it towards the mouth of the Seine.

The size of the Seine beluga is not known, but the length of a full-fledged individual can reach three to five meters – in rare cases it reaches seven meters. Thus, its natural habitat is the arctic waters off the coasts of Alaska, Canada and Russia, but it often swims long distances in search of food. It can also last for a while in fresh water.

By the way, the French Seine was visited by an orca two months ago. However, the orca did not survive the detour, despite attempts to lead it out to sea.

Three and a half years ago, a beluga whale, called Benny, was discovered in the English River Thames east of London.