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A quick look at the new Microsoft Windows 11 operating system

A quick look at the new Microsoft Windows 11 operating system

The leak, which first hit the Chinese site Baidu where the user posted movie clips and screenshots, among other things, shows what the new user interface looks like and what the start menu is expected to look like.

Windows 11 operating system.

New Start Menu

The first, and perhaps the biggest, change that the user encounters is the new start menu, which is centered along with the icons in the so-called taskbar. In general, the start menu seems to be a simplified version of what it looks like in Windows 10. For those who want to have the start menu on the left and are used to it, it is possible to move it there.

Windows 11 Start menu on the left

Start menu on the left.

Once you are in the start menu, it appears that Microsoft has chosen to reintroduce the so-called widgets, that is, the little boxes that contain information such as weather and news.

Windows 11, widgets in the Start menu

Start menu with widgets.

Another new look in Windows windows is in part that the edges will be rounded, in part that there is a quick function of sorting windows into different shapes of grids on the screen.

Windows 11, Rounded Edges and Grids

Rounded edges and mesh functionality.

Similar to Windows 10

According to enthusiastic Windows experts, the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11 doesn’t seem too big. It also appears that many of the new features and items are taken from the investment stalled in what will be Windows 10X. However, it has not yet been possible to test all the features in the leaked variant, so it remains to be seen more precisely what differences will be compared to Windows 10 when Windows 11 is introduced, which is expected at the end of June.

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Source: The Verge