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A new website leaks upcoming games from the Epic Games Store

A new website leaks upcoming games from the Epic Games Store

Steam DB is a valuable tool for developers and gamers alike. For many years, the site has soaked up all the information it can from Valve's game store and has published interesting statistics, not the least of which are reveals of upcoming new games, DLC additions to existing games, and other information not publicly visible in the store.

Now he writes that an analogue of the Epic Games Store has appeared Indoor games. It's been aptly named Epic DB and turns out to be full of juicy secrets. It seems that Epic didn't really think when the company provided the API to collect information from the store.

A few hours after the site opened, web sleuths found references to several upcoming titles: The Last of Us Part 2 for PC, a new Turok game from Saber Interactive, DLC for the upcoming Sonic x Shadow Generations game, and new information about a remake from Square. Enix for Final Fantasy 9.

The onslaught of curious people caused the site to crash, and it is unknown if and when it will come back online.

Epic confirmed the loss and said in a statement to WCCF technology They released an update to ensure that third-party tools like Epic DB are no longer able to access information about hidden products.

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