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A new investment in increasing mobility and diversity in working life

A new investment in increasing mobility and diversity in working life

Most of us need more movement and variety in our daily work to feel satisfied and have a sustainable work life. With Prevent’s short films and materials, employers and employees get inspired to get started.

Physical activity prevents a range of diseases such as various types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and depression. It gives us better sleep, reduces stress and improves quality of life. The lack of periods of sitting and movement at work has many good health effects. An important message is that all daily movements matter. Benefits List Move with us It can be long. However, most of us touch very little. For others, with physically active jobs, recovery may be the thing that’s missing instead.

The body and brain both feel better about movement and difference. And if we feel good, we often do well. We need to get better at creating regulatory conditions Health-promoting work environmentFor movement and variety, even small changes can make a big difference to your health, says Charlotte Wahleen. Ergonomics researcher and ergonomics expert in occupational and environmental medicine at Linköping.

Creating good conditions for a healthy working life is part of the employer’s responsibility, but bringing more mobility and variety into the daily work can be challenging. To support this work, Prevent is now releasing new material about the benefits of movement and diversity at work and is helping to get you started. Subject Developed with social partners; The union of Swedish companies LO and PTK. Contains, among others Five short short films with simple exercises.

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– That we need to move and take time to recover, I think everyone knows that. The challenge is often to do this in everyday life. Movement Materials and Variety at Work focuses on simple, tangible tips for making your work more dynamic and diverse. For example, how to use the time in the toilet queue and seize the opportunity to do some simple movements like wall angels. We hope it’s an aid that can contribute to more people enjoying healthy and sustainable working lives, says Lisa Markstrom, project manager at Prevent.

Charlotte Wolin hopes the materials will provide inspiration and increase knowledge among both employers and employees.

Everyone needs movement and variety during the workday. We need to make it part of the culture in the workplace, and for us to be successful in that, it’s important that we do it together, she says.

Here you will find micropause films and other articles

This is the opinion of the social partners who participated in the production of the material:

Carola Lovestrand, LO:

If the body and brain have the capacity to handle the entire working life, it is important that workplaces work actively to organize the work so that it makes room for diversity and recovery, and that the body also receives movements other than those in the work itself. This applies to all occupational groups. Through the movement of the material and the diversity of the work, you get simple tips and instructions on how to bring this into action in a simple way that makes a difference, without having to be a difficult new “must”.

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Daniel Goldstrand, PTK:

Many white collar workers work long periods of sedentary work and this has increased even more during the pandemic. We hope that physical movement and diversity in work will inspire, individually and collectively, more movement and diversity in work that breaks stillness, but also demonstrate the importance of movement and diversity and incorporate this into the systematic work environment of work.

USA Dalforce, the Swedish consortium of companies:

We are pleased that Prevent has released a new material that helps employers and safety representatives at work Work with ergonomic issues as part of a systematic work environment. Since people spend a large part of their time in working life, it is important to know that variation in posture and movement in the workplace prevents stress injuries and contributes to a healthy body, which in turn contributes to a sustainable working life.


Lisa Markstrom, Project Manager, Prevent, 070-2082935, [email protected]

Charlotte Wolin, Ergonomics Researcher and Expert in Ergonomics, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Linköping University Hospital, 072-239 66 40, [email protected]

Åsa Dahlfors, Work Environment Expert/Consultant, Industriarbetsgivarna, 070-585 53 63, [email protected]

Daniel Goldstrand, Ergonomics Expert, PTK, 070-390 85 16, [email protected]

Carola Lovestrand, Ergonomics Researcher, LO, 070-384 48 44, [email protected]