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A Man Named Otto is an international blockbuster  MovieZine

A Man Named Otto is an international blockbuster MovieZine

The American version of “A Man Named Ove” not only attracted large audiences in Sweden and the United States, but also performed strongly in many other countries.

“A Man Called Otto” had a successful opening weekend in several quarters. After the movie’s early days on the big screen, it can be said that the English remake of “A Man Called Ove”, with Tom Hanks in the lead role, has been a hit with audiences both inside and outside Sweden.

On Swedish soil, the film, which was produced and financed entirely by SF Studios, attracted 34,000 visitors over the weekend. In addition to the fact that the comedy-drama is the biggest Swedish film production ever, its premiere can be considered one of the biggest in Sweden since the pandemic.

“A Man Called Otto” also entered the fourth spot in the US box office, and also performed strongly in countries such as Great Britain, Mexico, Australia and Spain. In all, the film has so far grossed $35 million worldwide.

In the United States, which has revenues of $21 million, success is seen as a surprise. diverse He points out that films aimed at older audiences and adults have had extra difficulty attracting moviegoers since the pandemic, but “A Man Called Otto” exceeded expectations.

While critics’ reviews of “A Man Called Otto” have varied somewhat, viewers’ reviews have been consistently more positive. on Rotten tomatoes The film currently has a viewership rating of 97%, and in CinemaScore audience poll the rating is an A.

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A strong opening weekend in theaters combined with positive audience surveys shows the film is well received by audiences, says SF Studios CEO Michael Purserried in a press release.

The Swedish film adaptation of the novel by Fredrik Bachmann, which premiered at the end of 2015, was also a commercial success. At home, A Man Called Ove was seen by 76,000 viewers on premiere day alone, and it can quickly be considered one of the biggest successes of Swedish cinema ever. The film also attracted audiences abroad and attracted huge interest $30.6 million in worldwide theatrical revenue.