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A huge crisis for the Body Shop

A huge crisis for the Body Shop

In the UK alone, seven The Body Shop stores will close with immediate effect. More closures are expected as the company restructures for a more secure future. Many stores were also forced to close in Sweden.

The Body Shop announced last week that they are entering into a restructuring process. This week, seven stores in Great Britain were forced to close immediately, but the company's stores in the country believe more than half of them will remain open. The number of employees at the main center is expected to decrease by 40 percent, and then there will be 400 full-time employees.
The Body Shop said in a statement that after years of unprofitability and following a full review of The Body Shop's UK operations, the joint administrators concluded that the current store portfolio was no longer viable. daily Mail.

In total, 10,000 people work in 3,000 stores in 70 different countries. Although the reconstruction is currently only affecting British staff and stores, we have also seen how many stores have had to close in Sweden. Just last Friday, The Body Shop in Mölndal declared bankruptcy. The week before that, a store in Gothenburg was also closed for the same reason, and a store in Vaxjo was closed in January. The company has approximately 70 different stores in Sweden alone.

The restructuring of the company, which was founded in 1972, came just weeks after The Body Shop gained new owners who promised to “revive the business”. The company's products will remain available for purchase in-store and online during the restructuring.
This quick action will help revive The Body Shop's iconic brand and give it the best platform to achieve its ambition of being a modern, dynamic beauty brand that can return to profitability and competition in the long term, the company wrote on its website.

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