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A hidden love letter from Alice Stenloff |  Tramsfrance

A hidden love letter from Alice Stenloff | Tramsfrance

Photo: Pontus Lundal, TT

Leave everything you have! A Swedish celebrity has come up with a mysterious message about his love life! express Reports of a restaurant visit made Alice Stenlöf’s Instagram followers wonder what’s going on, because ex-boyfriend Jireel posted a photo from the same restaurant at the exact same time.

When Expressen asks Alice if she’s in love So you answer the following.

– I’m in love, says Alice Stenloff at the premiere of the new James Bond movie “No Time to Die” on Monday.

Here it is important to remember It doesn’t have to be the Jerel you love. They may have visited the same restaurant at the exact same time as separate parties and felt like posting a picture! Celebrities love to go to the same restaurants as other celebrities, so it is not impossible for them to meet each other.

The trick to posting pictures From the same place as his ex-boyfriend, though, is nothing new. For example, Bianca Ingrosso and Phillipe Cohen did the same thing when they started dating again after one of their 6-7 breaks! By doing this, one can hint to followers that something is going on, without actually confirming anything. A classic touching trick that always leads to speculation and attention!

Whether Alice is single or not However, it is still shrouded in mystery.

But when asked if she was single, she answered more ambiguously.

– It’s a secret. “

Doesn’t it look better From that we will have to float in uncertainty for a while. finally!

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