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Julens film är Netflix-filmen ”Don’t Look Up”

A Christmas Movie Is Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’

It looks like Netflix’s new “Don’ Look Up” will be the big Christmas movie this year. Not just because it premieres on Netflix on Christmas Eve itself or because it has a star-studded cast.

The trailer for “Don’t Look” was released on Netflix recently. It’s a taste of a movie that will likely go home with most people, whether on the couch or at the cinema. In roles we get to see like stars Jennifer LawrenceAnd Leonardo DiCaprioAnd Meryl StreepAnd Jonah HillAnd Cate BlanchettAnd Timothy ChalametAnd Ron Perlman And Tyler Perry– And so much more.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill and Meryl Streep. Photo: Netflix

The film revolves around astronomer Kate Dipasky (Lawrence) and Dr. Randall Mindy (Dicaprio) who discovers that a comet is on its way to Earth. The comet will surely blow the whole Earth into smithereens, and it will be a battle against the clock to make the people on Earth understand the seriousness. If you read it like that straight up and down, it seems like something we’ve seen before.

men i Adam McKeese The direction, if the movie lives up to what the trailer promises, it’s going to be something completely different. Don’t Look For It shows all the signs of being a well-written, deeply funny, and eye-catching comedy.

Meryl Streep plays the President of the United States in the film. Photo; Netflix

Meryl Streep as President

Dibiasky and Mindy embark on a desperate PR tour and fight in vain to have their message heard through the noise. Nobody cares simply that the Earth, and all its inhabitants, will not be there in six months.

Neither did President Jane Orlean (Streep) nor her stupid Chief of Staff and her son, Jason Orlean (Hill). Lawrence and DiCaprio are also mocked in prime time by news anchor Bree (Blanchett). How hard is it to get people to drop on social media just to search? It turned out to be difficult.

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Adam McKay behind successes like The Big Short And Anchorman. Sure, neither a star-studded cast nor a celebrity director is a guarantee of a good movie, but the trailer and the little we’ll watch for star performances suggests Don’t Look Up will be this year’s Christmas movie.

“Don’t Look Up” will be released in theaters December 10 and on Netflix on Christmas Eve.

Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio. Photo: Netflix

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