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A boat ran aground outside Torslanda

A boat ran aground outside Torslanda

At 4 p.m. on Tuesday, a larger recreational boat ran aground outside Torslanda. The boat’s captain is now suspected of violating maritime law.

The Coast Guard did not want to go into whether they suspected he was drunk, citing the confidentiality of the initial investigations. The same applies to the nationality of the captain.

The boat is flagged in the British Virgin Islands.

2000 liters of fuel

At 22.30 the coast guard is still on the boat. It contains an estimated 2,000 liters of diesel and is there for environmental salvage and investigation purposes.

– If there is oil in the water, we try to take care of it. Oil in the water can also be a crime, says Eric, the Coast Guard duty officer. He does not want to give his last name.

He says that the boat, according to its course, was headed for the archipelago.

How many people were on board?

– I don’t have information on that, says Eric of the Coast Guard.

To be saved tonight

Where is the captain now?

– Whether on board with us or on his boat, he will be there and represent himself and the owner to the rescue.

According to Eric, the boat’s owner, via his insurance company, has picked up two vessels that will attempt to tow the boat to the dock tonight.

– We have not evaluated it as an imminent risk that we do anything. When the boat is in place, it’s up to the owner to get it out of there, says Eric, the Coast Guard duty officer.

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No one should be injured in connection with grounding.

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