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70 years on the British throne – now the Queen is celebrated for four days

200,000 different celebrations of the Queen are planned for the next four days. 70,000 lunches will be organized in the flag-decorated streets of cities and villages and culminate on Sunday, from where car traffic will be diverted.

In central London, there will be glittering carnival trains that tell the story of the Queen’s 70 years of rule with music and dance. It all ends with a concert with 150 well-selected British artists led by pop star Ed Sheeran.

There are only three kings who have ruled for more than 70 years in world history. They are Louis XIV, known as the “Sun King” of France, John II of Liechtenstein and Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand (who died in 2016).

Queen Elizabeth II, ill-fated in recent months, is more famous than anyone in the British royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II He is more famous than anyone in the British royal family due to ill health in recent months. According to the Yukov poll, 76 percent of Britons think he’s doing a good job. This compares with 45 per cent who think Prince Charles is doing a good job and 66 per cent who think Prince William is taking care of himself.

Prince Harry, who was previously famous, became famous after moving to America with his wife Megan Markle. Only 39 percent of Britons think he does a good job. Talks are underway on whether he should attend this week’s celebration.

On June 2, the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's accession to the British throne begins.  Here is a picture of a restaurant in Wimbledon.

On June 2, the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the British throne begins. Here is a picture of a restaurant in Wimbledon.

Photo: Amar Kasal / TT

There are other clouds as well In monarchical paradise. When Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926, Britain was still an empire. It is definitely gone today.

At the same time, the Queen is the head of state not only in the UK but also in 14 other countries, including Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Bahamas. The carnival train will celebrate this via London on Sunday. There will be Caribbean music and Bollywood dancers to show off their “diversity”.

But in reality it is happening Important discussions on colonialism and British oppression in many of these former British colonies. For example, in November last year, Barbados broke with the British monarchy, and many Caribbean countries, including Jamaica, seem to be on a similar path.

In March, Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate, traveled to Jamaica, Belize and the Bahamas to mark the Queen’s 70 – year throne. However, the journey was far from a success.

Instead of strengthening relations with Britain, it led to a discussion of colonialism. Images of a British prince and princess in an army parade on an open Land Rover have stirred up many bad memories. The associations surrounding much of the trip went to racism and oppression, not friendship with Britain.

In other words, the world seems to have changed.

It is difficult to replace it with marches.

Even in four days.

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