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7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Watching 'Moon Knight' |  Movie Zen

7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Watching ‘Moon Knight’ | Movie Zen

After previewing “Moon Knight” and asking a bunch of questions to the gang behind the series, we’ve now gathered all the knowledge in one place.

It may be starting to get a little difficult to keep track of all the movies and TV series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), so how much do you really need to know before you start watching the latest ‘Moon Knight’ addition? The answer to this question is that you don’t need to see anything at all, of all the titles that have come out in recent years, this is probably one of the easiest to get into as a completely new viewer…although it may not be It’s too easy to keep up with for other reasons.

After attending a press conference with the series’ top actors, screenwriters, directors, and producers, one-on-one interviews with some of the gang and a preview of the season, I’m starting to at least get to grips with “Moon Knight.” Personally, I’ve never had any control over the character before, the character I’ve only heard described as “Marvel’s version of Batman” – although it’s not a description I can recognize while watching.

Below I’ve compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the “Moon Knight” series, which I didn’t know very well until recently.

1. Is Moon Knight worth watching?

I start with the most obvious question. Considering I’ve gotten a preview of four out of six episodes in total, I still think I’ve received one so far Good idea what “Moon Knight” is for the TV series genre. Perhaps the easiest analogy here is to describe the series as a delightful mix of the Jim Carrey “My Me & Irene” films, the FX series “Legion” and the “Indiana Jones” films. If you automatically feel that it sounds like a good combination, there is no doubt that you will be able to get a lot of entertainment from “Moon Knight”.

Personally, I might have wished for a slightly darker tone, which made me fall in love with “Legion” but here it’s mostly comedies along the lines of “My I & Irene”…but without that I always feel like a “comedy series”. There is no shortage of movement sequences. Moon Knight is intentionally chaotic at first, but as the picture becomes clearer and the adventure part starts to get serious – it gets better and better.

“Moon Knight” also stands out clearly among all the other MCU productions to date, in a way that “WandaVision” did last year (where, however, the similarities between “WandaVision” and “Moon Knight” end). The fact that the action takes place in Britain and Egypt, with some kind of music, actors, and film image seeming real in the environments, also helps a lot. In a way that goes against what often feels “plastic”, when it comes to this type of adventure production.

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Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke obviously had a lot of fun while filming, but that also goes for Hidden Ice May Calamawy (“The Archer”) who has one of the series’ biggest roles. If you think this sounds fun enough to give the series a try and you want to be more or less a spare in the experience, it’s time to stop reading here for now and throw yourself in the first episode. But if you feel like you need a little more meat on your bones, there’s everything you might need to know about ‘Moon Knight’ to share below.

2. Is Moon Knight a new Marvel character?

If you’ve never heard of “Moon Knight” before and then assume that this was one of Marvel’s newest characters, that’s totally wrong. The character first appeared as early as 1975 in issue 32 of “Werewolf by Night,” then it took a few years before the character got his own comic book to develop further. But in just three years, ‘Moon ‘Knight’ is 50 – which means the creators of the TV series have plenty of material to use in their adaptation.

However, this is the first time we’ve seen an Oscar Isaacs version of “Moon Knight”, in other words, not He missed a previous cameo in any other movie or TV series within Kevin Feige’s ever-growing MCU. However, the Marvel boss, who has overall responsibility for all titles within the MCU, should have had plans to be able to include the character at some point:

-As I understand it, Moon Knight has been on Kevin Feige’s radar since day one…and I think this was the perfect time to finally let him into the universe, says “Moon Knight” producer Grant Curtis.

3. What is the theme of “Moon Knight”?

The plot begins with the introduction of Stephen Grant, a stubborn and generally inflexible British man, who has a charming semi-childish interest and is well-versed in everything to do with the history of Egypt. He works at a museum and hopes to one day become a guide to the exhibition of all Egyptian artifacts. The only problem is that he suffers from a lot of blackouts and often wakes up in completely unreasonable places, without remembering how he got there, which makes it a bit hard to trust.

Relatively early on, it’s clear to us viewers (especially anyone who’s seen even a small part of the “Moon Knight” trailer, so this can’t be considered a spoiler…) and Stephen himself that he suffers from DID. A disease formerly called multiple personality… It simply means that there can be many different personalities within the same person, which “take over the body” when the specific personality is active.

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So Mark Spector is another bit Stephen Grant, but Mark is anything but stubborn and British. Instead, this version of the character is a former mercenary and also a cruel avatar of Khonshu (voiced by F. Murray Abraham), the moon god and Egyptian avenger. With a special mission to complete Mark. And every time that part of the character takes over, we jump into a tune from good British feel to superhero action from moment to moment.

4. Who plays Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight?

After his role as Poe Dameron in the “Star Wars” movies, Oscar Isaacs undoubtedly got used to big productions – and Isaac was tasked with portraying the title character and all of his characters. A job that is becoming more demanding than initially expected:

– The first thing we did was hire my brother, Michael Hernandez, to come and play the second version of me. It’s the closest I can find here on Earth. So he went in and used to play Stephen or Mark, even with accents, both dialects. It was really a big help, to have someone who is such a good actor and share my DNA to play ball with. But maybe I wasn’t quite prepared for how technically it took me to decide which character to play first. Then block it, give my brother some instructions and redo the scene again and then switch characters back and forth.

In the trailer, you can actually see how both characters Stephen and Mark learn to communicate with each other, even when “the other part is controlling the body.” Which has its advantages and disadvantages during the series.

5. Who plays Ethan Hawke in the movie Moon Knight?

Four-time Academy Award winner Ethan Hawke (“Training Day”, “Boyhood”) undoubtedly has one of the central roles in the movie Moon Knight. After acting for nearly 40 years, Hook told the press conference that this was the first time he had approved a project without reading the script first. He plays Arthur Harrow, who according to us viewers will at least initially be presented as a strange kind of cult leader… But this is not really the kind of “villain” we are used to encountering:

Historically, there are a lot of filmmakers who have used various mental problems as the basis for their villains. I mean, there are endless stories of mentally abused villains… though we [i “Moon Knight”-produktionen] You have a mentally ill hero this spring. So in the role of the antagonist in the series, I can not go crazy because our hero is already. So the villain needs to be “crazy”, sane and logical. This dynamic felt like an interesting puzzle for me to discover with Oscar. So, we’ve got a character for me who’s trying to save the world – and according to himself he’s a kind of ‘Saint Harrow’. He thinks it will be part of the big solution.

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6. Who is behind the series “Moon Knight” .. and will there be more?

Screenwriter Jeremy Slater, who is also the owner of the Netflix series “The Umbrella Academy” wrote all six episodes of the first “Moon Knight” season. Egyptian director Mohamed Diab took full responsibility for directing and directed four episodes of the series himself. It is said that the slightly special feeling in the episodes and the way Egypt in particular is portrayed in a different and more authentic way in the series, is due to the fact that it was something particularly important for Diab to achieve… After seeing a lot of other Hollywood productions come in and make stylistic adjustments to the country .

Before many of the other Marvel TV series on Disney+, we knew if the characters in the series would appear in other MCU titles in the relatively near future. However, it is something that is not very clear when it comes to “Moon Knight”. After my own interview with series producer Grant Curtis, he explains that for now only Feige knows how and if the characters will be used in the future within the MCU.

But don’t really feel like you’d choose to allow actors like Isaac and Hawke to enter this community, without allowing at least one of their characters to appear elsewhere in the future. The same goes for Lila El Foley, the character of Mai Kalamau, who grows and occupies more and more space during the season.

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7. Haven’t you learned enough yet?

For those eager to learn more about creating “Moon Knight,” we’ve got our own chat in about 15 minutes with Marvel producer Grant Curtis. Among other things, he talks about how to approach topics like mental health in the best possible way — and how “Moon Knight” emerged as a project within Marvel from the start.

Once that went well, he also produced the “Spider-Man” trilogy with Tobey Maguire, which we also have time to talk about… considering the events in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”:

The first episode of “Moon Knight” is now available on Disney+. New episodes are released every Wednesday. As viewers get to know Mai Kalamawi and her character in the series a little better, we’ll also be releasing a chat with her here on MovieZine, so feel free to keep an eye out for her too!

Will you give “Moon Knight” a chance? Feel free to comment below!