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60 Years of Hate Pizza: ‘Unfortunately, Learn How to Survive’

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Hawaii, with its combination of pork and pineapple, was Sweden’s third most popular pizza in 2021, according to statistics read by Aftonbladet. In a long report, GP describes how 60 years ago fruit suddenly became an ingredient in pizza.

In 1962 restaurateur Sam Panopoulos in Ontario, Canada, made a pizza with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. He saw a box of canned pineapple and with a sudden light spread the contents of the pizza.

– We just ended the call, just for fun, to see how it tasted, he explained to the BBC.

Since then, the law has spread around the world, but so have objections to it. Facebook groups are calling for raw materials to be kept away from pizza, and an Icelandic president has joked about banning it.

Food researcher Richard Telstrom gives in GP a prediction that the dish will “unfortunately” survive.

I find it difficult to eat fruit. Banana on pizza, pineapple on pizza and the like. It’s something that makes the body react, he told the newspaper.

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