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10 Insights I Gained From Bachelor 2021

10 Insights I Gained From Bachelor 2021

1. Girls with crazy eyes are always – that’s just, crazy.

2. There is nothing guys love more than girls who laugh.

3. One should not be quick to judge beautiful boys with prejudices as arrogant and conceited. Simon has surprised me since the first episode by being so down-to-earth, polite, and responsive. It seems his parents did a great job raising him. Hat up.

4. Although you are from Södertälje, you can apparently speak with Norrlandish pride. Sebastian looks serious as a character in BeastFact.

5. If several people in the group think you are crazy, it may be time for a self-examination.

6. Yes, there is such a thing as too much filler in the lips.

7. Why do men like to wear hats? No one in world history has ever looked better in a hat. Seniors get free passes but no one else.

8. Guys in groups can bring out the bad sides of people – but girls in groups showed exactly the same in this year’s Bachelor’s.

9. Girls really like to say they want to exercise and act spontaneously.

10. If you really want to meet someone, it may be a good idea not to mention that you think you are one of the workers in the field sent from Jupiter who came to save the planet.

This was him.

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