Zoopla On Lookout For New Ad Agency

ZPG is looking for new advertising and marketing agencies to help promote its Zoopla and uSwitch brands, an advertising industry website says.

Zoopla has been running its ‘hermit crab’ themed marketing campaign since early 2017. However, ZPG has announced that it is looking for new ideas for its marketing while the advertising agency who created the campaign, Brothers and Sisters, has said it will not be repitching for the work.

Rich Houston, Head of Consumer Marketing at Zoopla and Alex Gibson, Head of Brand Marketing at uSwitch, have said: “Brothers and Sisters have done a great job for us over the last few years and we are grateful for their passion and enthusiasm.

“Both brands are, however, competing in highly competitive marketplaces and we feel that we could benefit from a fresh set of eyes looking at the opportunities that exist for each.”

That the property portals business is ‘highly competitive’ is something of an understatement of course. Advertising moguls who are interested in taking on Zoopla will no doubt be frantically formulating brilliant ideas which they hope could challenge the dominance of Rightmove. How good those ideas are could, to a greater extent, dictate how Zoopla performs over the next couple of years.

Source Campaign
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