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Zelda's unique adventure gets new life on Switch

Zelda’s unique adventure gets new life on Switch

Alexander Eckelund writes that Skyward Sword in an updated version awakens the magic of this somewhat forgotten version of the Zelda series.

In the year that Zelda celebrated its 35th anniversary, many were hoping for a celebration similar to the one that Mario held last year, with some sort of bundling for the Switch.

It didn’t, and it recently turned out to be neither of them Breath of the Wild 2 Timeout before the end of the year.

But we got an updated version of the files Sword toward the sky At least – and at least there is nothing to despise.

This Zelda adventure, released at the crossroads of the Wii and Wii U, is finally a great part of the series and entirely dedicated to the Switch. While the Wii U puts that with motion-sensitive remotes on the side, the switch is flexible enough to handle the swivel technology the Skyward Sword was designed for. Everything from how to deliver sword strikes to transforming objects and controlling projectiles is performed by making movements manually using control boxes. Aside from not having an external sensor in front of the TV – which results in having to recalibrate it closely – the Switch has the upper hand.

It’s also an interesting Zelda version in terms of story, game world, and layout. It’s constantly experimental over Twilight PrincessAlthough compared to Breath of the Wild – the series’ biggest change to date – it’s still close enough to the classic Zelda formula to make you feel right at home.

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Skyward Swords’ different control system, game framing and distribution results in a unique and fascinating Zelda game that is well worth a try for both new players and visitors.

Format: Nintendo Switch. Age limit: 12. Rating: HHHHI