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“You're never bored at work!”

“You're never bored at work!”

Walter Albin is a licensed psychologist with administrative responsibilities and works at Vårdcentralen Kävlinge. He is also currently studying specialized training with a focus on work and organizational psychology. He has been in primary care for about six years and enjoys the variety the work offers.

-I like to use my knowledge in many different fields. For example, supervision based on group processes, lectures and training, providing guidance and advisory services and of course clinical work in daily life with individual treatments, he says.

Cooperation between professional groups

The thing that Walter is proud of in his health center is the cooperation between professional groups. They have rehabilitation teams, peer assessments and team assessments. They also write referrals and put together treatment plans.

Not all care centers have large-scale group activities, but Walther, for example, was part of an acceptance and commitment therapy group. Everything from long-term pain to stress and anxiety is treated there. He has also set up a compassion group focused on self-compassion.
Another area of ​​Walther's responsibility is the supervision of nurses.

Nurses have the opportunity to address whatever they find difficult in their professional role, such as how to deal with someone suffering from anxiety or how to take care of yourself when you feel stressed at work. But above all, there is a focus on how to best respond and triage.

Advantages of working in primary care

There are many advantages to working in primary care. One advantage is that Victor gets his own specialized training. He also has the opportunity to design his work with complete freedom.

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– There is clear confidence in my competence and that I, as an individual therapist, can decide what is the best possible course of action. There is great freedom under responsibility and I think that is a very good thing.

Another plus is all the people Walter meets.
-We are a very nice group. People care about each other, greet each other, talk and joke. We are philanthropists and that makes me very happy. Oh my God, what a beautiful atmosphere we live in here!

Walter continues with a concrete example from his daily life.

– I can also take a clinical example. Not long ago, we had a good review after finishing therapy where I was told something like “This helped me so much, so maybe I don't need you anymore.” It's great to hear that someone has grown up and had to travel a bit, and is now moving on their own.