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A well-played Netflix drama about a Swedish-related historical event




Reggie Simon Stone, Mead Carey Mulligan, Ralph Fiennes, Lily James.

Film review. Can an archaeological excavation bring any big feelings to life?

Yes, even a little romantic.

drama. The atmosphere is fateful. Britain is only a few weeks to be drawn into war with Germany when the hobby of the archaeologist Basil Brown (Ralph Vines) To Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. Landowner Edith Pretti (Carey MulliganHe shows him some of the ancient burial mounds in the area and wants him to take a closer look at what might be hiding inside. Brown begins to dig and eventually comes across something so amazing that prominent archaeologists must be called in from the British Museum.

Mr Anglosaxisk sista viloplat

The finds at Sutton Hoo in 1939 are among the most striking in British history – graves from the 5th century, including the tomb of a boat that was probably the last resting place of an ancient Anglo-Saxon king. What is not mentioned in the movie is Sutton Hoo’s erotic Swedish relationship. Some of the finds have great similarities with the burial traditions from Uppland that these people of Sweden and Sutton Hoo should know.

Carey Mulligan and Ralph Finn in

Foto: Netflix

Carey Mulligan and Ralph Finn in “The Hole.”

“The Dig” is well worth watching for those looking for glamorous, easily accessible drama with beautiful English and rural settings, with adults starring in it. It’s not just bone fragments and piles of earth. We have some romance, ideas about what we leave behind when we die and an anxious mood before a war that threatens peace in late summer.

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He wanted to take the credit

The movie is also exciting for those who love history. It shows how the most professional archaeologists and museums wanted to take credit for the discoveries, while humble Basil Brown called himself a simple (but actually well-read) “excavator”. Fiennes has outright credibility as the stray, spoiled, and quiet digger, always aware of his working class status.

Mulligan is also nice as Edith, a wealthy landowner who was critically ill and knew she might die soon. Romance stands Lily James And the Johnny Flynn In the role of a young ambitious archaeologist and cousin of Edith’s puppy.

Foto: Netflix

Ralph Fiennes, I “dig”.

Romance is very superficial, almost comical way; James is married to an amazingly dry personality that no wonder she looks at beautiful men nearby. Overall, the movie doesn’t catch enough emotions to delve to a deeper level – but here there are appetizing pleasure and sadness.

“The Dig” will begin showing on Netflix on Friday, January 29th.

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