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You can get vaccinated against TBE here in Gothenburg

You can get vaccinated against TBE here in Gothenburg

Vaccinations against the disease for this season now begin, and after that a week must pass between taking a dose of the emerging coronavirus vaccination and spraying against tuberculosis, according to the Swedish Public Health Agency.

Between 200 and 400 cases of tuberculosis are reported every year in Sweden, and last year 53 people in Västra Götaland fell ill with TB. The corresponding figure in 2016 was 25 and it could sometimes take up to a month before symptoms appear.

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There is no cure for TBE

Mobile Vaccination Clinic Sweden’s road tick bus has been traveling since 2004 around high-risk areas to offer vaccines against tuberculosis, a viral disease transmitted by ticks. Unlike Borelia, which is also spread by tick bites, there is no cure for TBE.

The bus is expected to tour Greater Gothenburg and western Sweden until October 31 this year.

– The most important thing for us is to provide vaccinations against the infection, and we will not allow more than 50 people to stand in line outside the bus at a distance of 1.5 meters. We prefer everyone who comes to wear a mouthguard, says Charlotte Zacharia of the Vaccination Company.

Many people with TBE have mild problems with a fever and headache for a few days. However, approximately one in three sufferers have long-term or permanent problems in the form of fatigue and difficulties with memory and concentration.

Three doses for protection

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Three doses are required to receive basic protection from disease – 390 kronor for an adult and 350 kronor for a child. The protection lasts for three years.

During the epidemic last summer, TBE vaccination decreased.

Yes, it’s down a little bit but we don’t really understand why to think about how many people vacation at home and stay in nature, says Charlotte Zacharias.

The tick season usually starts between March and November.

Many people with TBE in Gothenburg experience a bite from a tick that carries the disease in a vulnerable area, such as Slottsskogen, Änggårdsbergen or Sisjön. Last year, Lilleby and Björlanda were reported in Torslanda as new areas.

The nearest bus is Bäckebol, Eriksberg, Kallebäck and Marstrand.

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Fecta: TBE

  • TBE is a viral disease that is spread by ticks and can cause inflammation in the brain. Most people who get sick have mild problems with a fever and headache and recover after a few days. Up to a third develop encephalitis.
  • There is a vaccine against TBE. You should get vaccinated if you live or spend a lot of time in a dangerous area.
  • The vaccine protects against tuberculosis and not against other tick-borne diseases, such as Borrelia. Unlike TBE, it causes Borrelia bacteria and can be treated with antibiotics. There is also no vaccine for Lyme disease.

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