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Xenicor high-resolution thumb ECG 4

Xenicor high-resolution thumb ECG 4

about us

Zenicor Medical Systems leads the development of systems and care chains for the diagnosis of arrhythmias and stroke prevention. Zenicor-EKG is an improved healthcare system for diagnosing arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation, and the solution is currently used in ten countries in Europe. The solution’s effectiveness has been documented in many studies and articles in leading scientific journals around the world. Zenicor works with healthcare, enabling an integrated specialist solution for primary care in an efficient digital continuum of care for the investigation of arrhythmias, where the patient is the focus and healthcare resources can be used more efficiently.
Zenicor’s solution has been used in the large STROKESTOP I and II screening studies, and in one of the world’s largest randomized screening studies, SAFER in Great Britain and SAFER-AUS in Australia. These studies are conducted to provide information for health authorities to make decisions about introducing national screening programs for atrial fibrillation.
Zenicor operates out of Stockholm and conducts development and manufacturing in Sweden, as well as international research in stroke prevention and atrial fibrillation screening. Sales and marketing are done with our staff.

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