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World Championships in Athletics: UK Sport and UK Athletics Plan 2029 p

World Championships in Athletics: UK Sport and UK Athletics Plan 2029 p

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The 2017 World Championships in Athletics in London marked Usain Bolt's final event

UK Sport and UK Athletics are planning to bid to host the 2029 World Championships.

London and the United Kingdom last hosted this event in 2017.

A feasibility study needs to be carried out, but BBC Sport has been told that the sport's leaders are “determined” to host the “transformational” major tournaments.

“We would love to have another crack at 2029 and the World Championships,” UK Athletics chief executive Jack Buckner told BBC Sport.

“We're doing a great job. Everyone talks about the atmosphere and every event we've done.

“We first have to do a feasibility study and look at different options.”

He said he would “have it in his mind” that London would be the city to host the event if the bid was successful.

“We can't say for sure it will be London, but it will be in our minds because of the success it has had before. I think London [2017] It was transformative and was built in 2012 [the Olympic Games]. “It was transformative in all kinds of ways.”

Glasgow hosted the World Indoor Championships over the weekend, while Birmingham will host the 2026 European Championships.

British runner Josh Kerr, who was crowned world champion in the men's 3,000 meters indoor race in Glasgow on Saturday, said that holding the world championships on his home soil would be a “real, complete moment.”

“My first world championships were in London in 2017, so it would be incredible if that happens and it will definitely push me to keep running the 1,500m for as long as I can,” the Scot, who is also the 1,500m world champion, told BBC Sport. .

“It is important for Britain to hold athletics meets because it inspires generations of athletes to know that there are athletes where they come from striving for huge medals in front of their home fans.

“It makes a huge difference to grassroots athletics in particular and helps with training and allows people to get an insight into our lives and the next stepping stone to where some of the athletes are now.”

The ambition to host the 2029 event forms part of a wider set of hosting aspirations that funding agency UK Sport is set to announce on Tuesday.

The 2025 World Championships are scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan. Last month, the Chinese capital, Beijing, was chosen to host the 2027 event.

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