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Windows Control Panel is slowly disappearing

Windows Control Panel is slowly disappearing

Windows 10 operating system was released in 2015 and introduced SettingsThe new way to control your computer settings. But the old Control Panel is still there in Windows 11, whether to make some settings that weren't added to Settings or to uninstall programs that the Uninstall tool doesn't work through Settings.

In Windows 11 24H2, Microsoft will take another major step toward making the system independent of the legacy Settings software that has been around in various forms since Windows 1.0 was released in 1985, according to reports. Latest Windows.

The upcoming update moves a large number of settings related to the computer's power supply to Settings. Among other things, it will be possible to adjust what the computer should do when the lid is closed in the laptop and what should happen when the user presses the power button. Another new feature in Settings is control over color management and calibration of connected displays. This makes it easier to choose a color profile other than the screen profile.

For Windows 11 Pro licenses, disk encryption will soon be moved from the Bitlocker settings in Control Panel to the new Device Encryption section in Settings. As for disk management, the ability to delete storage groups also moves to the Modern Settings program.

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