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What's new in tvOS 16?  Not much.

What’s new in tvOS 16? Not much.

On Monday, Apple held its big presentation at WWDC and showed off a slate of news about iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS, but not a word about tvOS. However, this does not mean that tvOS will be completely without any news, Apple simply did not have time to talk about the Apple TV. Here are some updates coming to tvOS 16 this fall.

Multi-device connectivity is a feature that will allow developers to integrate their Apple TV app with an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch for “more personal than ever” experiences. For example, developers should be able to create more personalized Apple TV training sessions based on motion sensor data from the Apple Watch, display real-time information on the iPhone while playing a video in their Apple TV app, or include more gaming screens.

New Bluetooth game controls are also supported in tvOS 16, and this includes support for Nintendo Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers. The Apple TV app has now also received support for HDR10+. Improvements should also be made to user profiles, as according to Apple, users do not have to sign in and choose their profile every time they launch the Apple TV app that has been updated with this feature.

Apple TV is also getting support for the upcoming Matter standard, which will make it easier to use smart home gadgets.

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