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En videoinspelning är det sista livstecknet från prinsessan Latifa.

United Nations: There is no evidence that Princess Latifa is alive

Earlier this year, moving photos were published that were said to have been recorded in the house where 35-year-old Latifa is being held. In the films, the princess says she is being held hostage in Dubai and fearing for her life. Latifa also describes how she was forcefully drugged and threatened with death by her father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The films will be filming this summer, and since then nothing has been heard from them.

“All windows are locked. Five police officers are guarding outside and two inside. I don’t even go out to have fresh air. The princess says in the recording, which was made with a mobile phone camera.

the information In the acclaimed movie clips First published by BBCPrompted the United Nations to demand proof that the princess is still alive and in good health. Despite repeated allegations, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights did not receive a satisfactory response from Dubai.

Our first concern, of course, is to make sure she is still alive. We want convincing evidence, ”UNHCR spokesperson Marta Hurtado said at a press conference in Geneva on Friday.

The United Kingdom, the home of the second prince where he owns real estate and property, is making similar demands.

Three years ago, the princess did one Attempt to escape vigilance With a boat raising the American flag. Eight days later, the soldiers boarded the boat and brought the princess back to Dubai. Since then, she has not been seen in public.

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The royal family of Dubai It had previously been claimed that the princess had mental problems. According to the United Arab Emirates, the princess is taken care of at home. Media reports do not reflect the actual situation, depending on the country.

Her family confirmed that Her Highness receives care at home with the support of her family and specialized doctors. “Her condition is improving and we hope that she will be able to return to the audience in a timely manner,” the United Arab Emirates embassy in London wrote in a statement after the spread of the videos.