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United Kingdom: There is no structural racism

United Kingdom: There is no structural racism

Although the report states that there is “noticeable” racism in the UK – this individual should nevertheless be considered a role model.

This conclusion was reached after the Commission on Racism and Ethnic Inequality published parts of its main report on racism. According to The Guardian, the summary claims the report will change the race debate in the UK.

United Kingdom: No structural racism

The 264-page report is vehemently opposed to Black Life’s issues – and claims that there is no structural racism in the country.

No one denies the existence of racism. We found evidence of that. However, evidence of structural racism? No, there was no, says Tony Sewell, chair of the Racial and Ethnic Disparities Commission, according to the BBC.

Of course, the report does not bode well for organizations like Black Lives.

A BLM spokesperson says that although the report focuses on education, it fails to highlight problems in the school and the large gap in higher education levels.

Referring to the BLM protests after the death of George Floyd, the spokesperson told The Guardian: “We are disappointed that the report does not take into account the justice system – especially the police racism that was the main catalyst in last summer’s protests.”

Blacks in England and Wales are nine times more likely to be imprisoned than whites.

“Not the root of racism”

Halima Begun, head of the Runnymede Trust, says 60 percent of those who died early in the epidemic were black, Asians, or from a minority group.

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21 percent of blacks in the UK in the study said they had experienced harassment – the corresponding figure in Sweden is 41 percent. In Finland, 63 percent reported having had exposure.

The facts about structural racism do not lie, and we note with some surprise that no matter how much the commission tries to rotate its findings, we do not live in a post-racist era, says Begin.

Reports describe the wage differential “improving” and “the general issues of race and racism are becoming less important.” It is said that in many cases it is no longer an important factor in describing the differences.

“We found that most of the differences that we studied that some attribute to racial discrimination did not often arise from racism,” the report said.

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