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Two climbers died on Mount Everest

Two climbers died on Mount Everest

These are the first deaths during this year’s mountaineering season on the world’s tallest mountain.

The Swiss climber died near the summit after reaching it. He suffered from fatigue, says Chang Dawa Sherpa of Seven Summit Treks.

He says on Instagram: “We sent two more Sherpas with oxygen and food, and unfortunately they couldn’t save him.”

The organizers said that the American arrived at the place called “Hillary Step”, but he received help after suffering from snow blindness and fatigue. He was able to get to Camp 4 but later died.

In recent seasons Everest saw a sharp increase in the number of climbers, which led to an increase in the population which in turn was blamed for many of the deaths.

To ease congestion, the Nepalese Ministry of Tourism has introduced rules limiting the number of people who can attempt to reach the summit of the mountain at one time.

Last year ‘s climbing season was completely canceled due to the epidemic, but Nepal has relaxed quarantine rules to attract more climbers despite it being difficult to treat them in case of infection.

The temperate weather, which makes it safer to deal with serious hardships, coincided with a strong second wave of virus infection. Last week, more than 30 sick climbers were evacuated from the base camp, despite only two confirmed cases of coronavirus.

More than 300 climbers have died on Mount Everest since he first climbed the mountain in 1953.

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