Tulip Tower Wins Planning Consent

The 1,000 foot high so-called ‘tulip tower’ planned for the City of London has received planning consent.

The tower, due to be completed by 2025, will incorporate internal slides and moving transparent pods for visitors to ride in. It will also operate solely as a cultural and visitor attraction rather than commercial or residential space.

The development has been criticised for its visual impact on the Tower of London, and also for its possible affect on operations at London City Airport. However in giving consent Chris Hayward, chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Planning and Transportation Committee, said: “After a lengthy and robust debate, the committee agreed to approve this truly unique visitor attraction.

“One of my key objectives as Chairman has been to enable the continued transformation of the City of London into a place which welcomes members of the public on weekends as during the week.

“This building has the potential to play an important role in realising our vision of the Square Mile as a vibrant 24/7 city.”

Planning concerns aside it is difficult to see how what is essentially a theme park type attraction could be a more productive or higher-yielding use of land in this expensive part of the City than a commercial use. Then again, maybe it really could turn out to be a blooming good opportunity.

Source Evening Standard
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