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Tourists are vaccinated - in Dracula's castle

Tourists are vaccinated – in Dracula’s castle

Stung from the tip of a needle – not vampire fangs. Tourists who take the opportunity to be vaccinated against Covid-19 during a visit to the “Dracula Castle” in Romania are waiting.

– I came here to visit the castle with my family and when I saw the poster I dared and agreed to the injection, says the 39-year-old engineer Livio Nicola.

Visitors taking the photo in Covid receive a testimonial of their “courage and responsibility”, and a promise that they will return to the castle in Bran for a hundred years and a free tour of its torture chamber.

The castle in Transylvania is one of the main tourist attractions in Romania and is marketed as “Dracula’s Castle” – despite the historical model of a vampire vampire, the Prince Vlad the ImpalerHe may never have lived there.

In an effort to vaccinate more Romanians, a “24-hour vaccination marathon” is being organized in the country, including at the National Library in Bucharest. The hope is for people who want to have an injection but don’t want to book an appointment online to do so.

About 3.6 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine in Romania, which has a population of 19 million. Authorities hope five million will have received the vaccine in June.

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