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Tormented by pollen?  - 5 tips for dealing with dry eyes

Tormented by pollen? – 5 tips for dealing with dry eyes

In connection with the long-awaited arrival of spring, many of them are also visited by itchy nose, rough throat and teary eyes. Pollen pain is difficult for many, and dry eyes are a common problem. Here are five simple tricks to get it in order!

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About 30% of the population of Sweden is allergic to pollen. The eyes can then become dry, runny, and stinging, become “pebbled” and feel tired. We share five simple tricks to reduce hassle.


Not only do sunglasses protect you from the sun’s rays, they also protect you from all the angry pollen that runs through the air.

Eye drops

Always put eye drops in your jacket pocket! Pollen allergy medications can remove the worst itchiness, but they can also dry out your eyes. Good universal lubrication drops can remedy this!

Ventilate moderately

Keep windows closed during the worst part of pollen season. If you need air, beware early in the morning, at night or when it’s raining!

Fool fatigue

A pollen allergy can lead to fatigue, but sometimes you are a little tricked by an eye sting. If you suffer from dry eyes, you may feel more tired than you really are. Moisturise with eye drops to fool tired eyes.

Take a shower before bed

Before you go to bed, take a nice bath. In this way, you reduce the risk of pulling pollen from the day down onto the pillow and bedding. Also change bedding often!

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Source: Expressen