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Fem av världens coolaste utomhuspooler

Top Five Outdoor Pools in the World

Wherever you go as a tourist in the world, there is usually an outdoor swimming pool. Some are more memorable and spectacular than others. Here are five unique cooling pools.

Bathing places come and go. There are public pools. Humans love to swim and splash. In a well-heated outdoor pool, this reduces the risk of sand between your toes and harmful jellyfish.

If there is a tradition or associated ritual during bathing, perhaps a spa or a breathtaking view, both the swim and the visit will be even more enjoyable.

Pools of all shapes and sizes can be found all over the world, from local baths with rusty trampolines in the Scanian plains to gigantic leisure complexes with extras in urban metropolises that never sleep.

For those of you who want to explore both the world and the beautiful surroundings, here are five outdoor pools that will become memories of a lifetime.

Natural hot springs and Icelandic nature at The Blue Lagoon. (Image: TT)

In southwest Iceland you’ll find warm, blue waters, volcanic mud and a spa experience you’ll never forget. Here at The Blue Lagoon, you can swim in naturally heated waters and enjoy various treatments in between.

You get a nature experience in the bargain.

Outdoor pool
The Jubilee Pool in Penzance, British has an amazing shape and location. (Image: Jubilee Pond)

The Jubilee Pool in Penzance, England is the largest and most famous outdoor pool in Great Britain. By heating the seawater through geothermal means, the pool is a first in the country and a powerful experience for swimmers young and old.

Outdoor pool
Barton Springs has been attracting bathing tourists since the 1970s. (Image: Barton Springs Pool)

Anyone in Texas definitely doesn’t want to miss Barton Springs Pool. One of Austin’s coolest gems is located in the beautiful Zilker Parks. Here you enjoy pleasant temperatures throughout the year due to underground springs.

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Travelers of all kinds have been making a pilgrimage here since the 1970s for a beneficial dip in this three-hectare pool.

Outdoor pool
At Bondi Iceberg Pool in Sydney you get a combination of both ocean and pool. (Image: Facebook/Bondi Iceberg)

Framed by the waves of Australia awaits Pondy Iceberg Lagoon in Sydney. An intimate experience that takes the outdoor pool to a whole new level and invites you to the occasional Kodak moment.

Outdoor pool
Ready to expand your horizons in the truest sense of the word? Then Marina Bay Sands is the obvious choice. (Image: Marina Bay Sands)

You will find a spectacular view and an infinity pool worthy of its name Marina Bay Sands Hotel In Singapore.

Like a vast oasis, the pool rises fifty stories above three skyscrapers, with Marina Bay below. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.

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